October 3 - 6, 2017 | Eden Roc Miami, Miami, FL

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Featured RISI Sessions

Executive Outlook
Economic Outlook for Tissue
Consumer Insights


Featured TAPPI Sessions

Water Usage/Saving Panel Discussion                                 
Flushability Panel Discussion – An Increasingly Important Topic for Tissue Products
Converting Panel Discussion: New Technology to Improve Efficiency


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Tuesday – October 3

TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee Meeting (open to TAPPI Members and first time visitors)

Welcome Reception 

Wednesday – October 4

Executive Outlook - Session Chair: Graeme Rodden, TAPPI/RISI

An Example of High Efficiency at the Bottom of the World - Máximo Gagliardi, President, Papelera San Andrés de Giles

Sahil Tak, Vice President, ST Tissue

Regulatory Update for Tissue Manufacturers - Session Chair: Graeme Rodden, TAPPI/RISI

Public and Marketplace Policy Issues for the Tissue Businesses - Donna Harman, President & CEO, AF&PA

What's Up at OSHA and Why Should Tissue Care? - Eric Hobbs, Attorney, Ogletree Deakins

Water Usage/Saving Panel Discussion - Session Chair: Gary S. Furman, NALCO Water 

Current Trends in Global Water Usage for Towel and Tissue Mills - Matt Elhardt, Fisher International

Pushing Water Uphill: Changing Attitudes, Habits, and Expectations for Water Use in Pulp and Paper Mills - Thomas Ptacek, Georgia-Pacific

A Swift Water Conservation Response - Lois Forde-Kohler, Procter & Gamble

Water Conservation/Reduction Efforts at Essity (SCA) - Stephanie Duxbury-Weir, SCA

Best Practices For Tissue Mill White Water Reuse - David McGowan, Kadant

Lunch & Exhibit Open

Flushability – An Increasingly Important Topic for the Tissue Industry - Session Chair: David Loebker, Procter & Gamble

Why is Flushability Important? - Chris Reitmeyer, SGS

INDA Methods for Assessing Flushability -  Jeff Lundeen, Georgia-Pacific

Critical Analysis of Various Standardized Dispersability Test Methods and Their Relationship to Flushability - Chris Reitmeyer, SGS

Development of ISO 12625-17 - Analysis of Initial Method Proposal and Improvement Ideas - David Loebker, Averrin Mwalupindi, Procter & Gamble

Improving Strength While Maintaining Softness and Sheet Flushability in Bath Tissue - Pascal Rivard, Solenis

Fiber and Forming - Session Chair: Ayse Alemdar-Thomson, FPInnovations

Pulp Fiber Quality and its Relationship to Tissue Properties - Roland Trepanier, OpTest Equipment

New Family of Forming Fabric Structures Provides Higher Dewatering, More Sheet Bulk and Lower Drag Loads and Improved Life - Frank Cunnane, Cristini N.A.

Regulatory and Sustainability Drivers Leading to Improved Polyaminopolyamide-epichlorohydrin (PAE) Wet Strength Resins and Paper Products - Richard Riehle, Solenis

Exhibit Hall Open

Fabio Perini Poolside Reception

Thursday – October 5

Economic Outlook for Tissue - Session Chair: Graeme Rodden, TAPPI/RISI

Overview and Outlook - Recent Trends in Fiber Markets for Tissue, Jon Rager, Senior Vice President, Analytics, RISI

Tissue Market Outlook with Focus on the Americas, Esko Uutela, Principal Economist, RISI

A Unique Journey in the Connected World of Tissue - Massimo Franzaroli, Gino Santi, Tissue Italy Network Members

Supply Chain for Tissue - Session Chair: Graeme Rodden, TAPPI/RISI

An In-Depth Look at Procurement of Recovered Paper for Tissue - Bill Moore, President, Moore & Associates

Parent Roll Merchant Business: Creating a More Efficient Marketplace - Scott Griffin, Director of Tissue Sales, Central National Gottesman

Design of Greenfield Tissue projects: European Approach and Lessons to be Learned - Peter Oksakowski, BHM Engineering

Tissue Technology Forum  (Poster Presentations) - Session Chairs: Timothy Patterson, Solenis & Lokendra Pal, North Carolina State University

Drivers for Value in the Tissue Industry, A Cross-Sectional Analysis to Kitchen Towel - Tiago de Assis, North Carolina State University

Adapting New Technologies for Tissue Making Water Continuous Beneficial Re-Use - Bruce Janda, InnovaSpec®, LLC

Fiber Development to Meet Market Challenges - Tiago de Assis, North Carolina State University

Examining Yankee Health by Understanding Doctor Blade wear - Jackie Allen, Kadant Solutions

The Complete Tissue Production Improvement System - Pete Angle, ISRA

Holes in Sheet Caused by Stickies- Forming Fabric Cleaning and Conditioning - Marcelo DeBoni, Kadant

Enhanced Process Control Through Advanced Instrumentation - Frank Cunnane, Cristini NA

A Fresh Perspective of Tissue Production - Klaus Gissing, Andritz

Crepe Monitoring Tools on FPInnovations Pilot Tissue Machine - Daniel Ricard, FPInnovations

Lunch, Poster Session & Exhibit Open 

Tissue Mill Data Management - Session Chair: Jeff Peters, BTG

Data Management in Tissue Manufacturing - Mark Korby, Capstone Technology

Tissue Converting Lines Integrated wiith Machine Vision Achieve New Levels of Efficiency & Product Quality - Kari Hilden, Papertech

In-Line Brightness Management: Can You Afford to Operate Without It? - Steve Pearson, SCA

Yankee Drying and Creping -Session Chair: Timothy Patterson, Solenis

Advanced Yankee Surface Management: the 1, 2, 3s of Yankee Care - Ian Padley, BTG

Case Studies in Optimization of Yankee Hood and Air Systems - Laurence Yane, Enerquin

Efficient Tissue Process for Cost Reduction and Material Savings: Simulation-Enhanced Process Development and Performance Optimization - Bettina Grashof, Voith Paper

Exhibit Hall Opens

Friday – October 6

Consumer Insights - Session Chair: Graeme Rodden, TAPPI/RIS

2020 Vision: Trends Impacting North American CPG Growth - Carman Allison, Vice President, Consumer Insights, Nielsen

Strong Feelings for Softness: A Comparative Study of US Towel Production - Gary Shelp, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals

Greenfield Mill Story - Session Chair: Graeme Rodden, TAPPI/RISI

A Gold Eagle Spread Its Wings-An Innovation that Empowers the Future – Universal Paper Manufacturers' Greenfield Tissue Mill, South Africa Case Study - Maja Mejsner, PMP and Jonathan Sher, UPM

Tissue Imports to the US – An Analysis - Bodo Kottwitz, BKay Tissue Advice and Ass. Principal, Tissue, RISI

Panel: New Technology to Improve Converting Efficiency 

Reducing Tissue Non-Uniformity for Good Converting Performance - Frederic Parent, FPInnovations

Converting With Premium Tissue - Sergio Tonarelli , Futura

The Global Tissue Market has Entered a New and Exciting Phase - Stefano Di Santo, Fabio Perini